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Obituary for Daniel Allan Turner

Daniel Turner, 75, was born on February 6, 1948 in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. He passed away peacefully at home in Haiku on March 7, 2023, during a full moon.

Dear Danny,

You were such a hoot, I couldn’t write a normal obit. As is common with those named Danny, you suffered from excessive modesty. So it falls to me to toot your horn.

I could brag about your successes: being a top car salesman in Colorado, Hawaii, Alaska, Idaho, and Washington; learning construction and building a roof and deck; taking apart and rebuilding several vehicles – a Ford F-150, an Austin Healey, and a 1984 BMW Airhead (BTW, this motorcycle is for sale); traveling the world; or graduating from college after getting Ds your senior year, running around with a motorcycle gang and being a hippie. Also, you loved tinkering and fixing things, and creating a mancave tool shop. How you loved going to yard sales to get things - to fix! And you couldn’t resist a good bargain.

You were always the life of the party and enjoyed meeting new people – esp. cute ones – and telling engaging stories and terrible puns. You also loved going to Little Beach. I’m going to gloss over your faults, both of them.

Instead, I’d like to focus on your soul accomplishments. You got therapy to end the cycle of violence. Thanks to Debbie, you quit smoking. You learned to ask forgiveness AND to apologize. Evi taught you not to put people and money in the same box. Two more biggies – you learned to trust around money and you committed to a 20-year relationship with one person, me. With your health issues, you learned compassion and patience. Somehow, when you were born, you never got handed your share of patience, so you had to cultivate it in this lifetime.

A hui hou, your wife Courtney; your siblings: Keith, Scott, Christy, Brad; your children: Chris, Kazuo, Adam, Danielle, and Elena Sophie; their mothers; your grandchildren: Isabo and Akane; your cousin Melody; and all your friends. Mahalo Hospice Maui and Doorway Into Light. In letting go, love comes.

For memorial services, contact cell - 808-269-2377.

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